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Stakeholder Engagement Requirements
The project “The Global GreenChem Innovation and Network Programme” involves a wide spectrum of global, regional and national stakeholders. While stakeholders for component 1 and 2 will undertake global outreach and greenchem acceleration functions, national stakeholder from the private sector and industry will play an important role for the execution of project component 3. These stakeholders, as well as their mandates, are listed below to provide a context under which these mandates are translated into specific responsibilities.
In alignment with the GEF Public Involvement Policy and the GEF Guidelines for the Implementation of the Policy on Stakeholder Engagement, the Stakeholder Engagement Plan seeks to ensure that the Project:
● Effectively involves the public to enhance the social, environmental, and financial sustainability of the project.
● Takes responsibility for assuring that public involvement rests within the country, normally with the government, project executing agency or agencies and with the support of GEF Partner Agencies.
● Ensures that POP manufacturers and POP users will participate in the implementation of the project and jointly promote the use of GreenChem alternatives.
● Designs and implements public involvement activities in a flexible manner, adapting and responding to the countries' national and local conditions and to the project requirements.
● Delivers effective, public involvement activities that involve a wide spectrum of sectors and are sustainable.
● Includes the appropriate allocation of resources, throughout the identification, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of GEF-Financed Activities, to ensure sustained commitments and actions related to public involvement activities.
● Carries out public involvement activities in a transparent and open manner.
● Has full monitoring and documentation of public involvement.

Objectives of the Stakeholder Engagement plan
The project has the objective to scale up green chemistry for POPs, mercury and microplastics replacement through capacity building and innovation, and creation of a global unifying green chemistry
In doing so, the project will directly and indirectly engage with multiple stakeholders from various institutions including: Government, Industry, Finance, Academia, Civil Society and NGOs. Stakeholders will be engaged across the project duration, with broad stakeholder engagement being delivered under all three project components.
The objectives of this Stakeholder Engagement Plan are:
❏ Identify the stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in the project and the nature and scope of their interests.
❏ Summarize how and when to consult stakeholders in project implementation.
❏ How to disseminate information and explain any resource needs throughout the project/ project cycle to ensure stakeholder engagement is correct and meaningful.
❏ Define procedures and methods for stakeholder consultation and feedback.
❏ Establish an accessible, transparent and responsive grievance mechanism for the project.

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