On Monday, November 16th, our team gathered with four national experts of sugar industry in Surabaya. The meeting took place in Oejoe Djoeriaman Room in Chemical Engineering Department of Sepuluh November Institute of Technology. The meeting aimed for discussing the progress of the RECP assessment on sugar industry and discussing the further focus of the detailed assessment.

RECP programme has been implemented on 4 pilot industries: PG Semboro, PG Pagottan, PG Tjoekir, and PG PesantrenBaru, since July and August 2015. It’s been implemented halfway in the mentioned industries. Each of the experts has visited their assigned, by November 16th. They initially observed the factory and the data related to the productivity and waste intensity. On that day, the program was reviewed to get the feedback from the experts and acknowledged the progress of the interim report prepared by the experts. The programme shall be finished by January 2016 with some implementation of the problem solution to the industry.

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