The work mainly contributes to creating at the suitable administrative levels mechanisms for mainstreaming RECP concepts, methods and policy instruments in relevant industry, environment, tourism and energy/resource efficiency policies and strategies, leading to an increased role of RECP in government policy in Indonesia. Working with Indonesia Cleaner Production Center (ICPC or PPBN: Pusat Produksi Bersih Nasional) and Center of Assessment and Development of Green Industry and Environment (CADGIE - Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan untuk Industri Hijau dan Lingkungan Hidup) the program support the mainstreaming of RECP in the industrial environmental management function at national and regional levels by means of identification of opportunities to enhance current administrative and institutional arrangements (including through regulation, incentives, and/or recognition). The work includes reviewing the current government’s strategies and practices for implementation, monitoring and enforcement of industrial environmental regulations, and practical improvement opportunities based on RECP will be developed and trialed in cooperation with (regional) environmental management authorities.

Ministry of Industry (MOI) currently focuses on major programs on Green Industry policies such as GIS (Green Industry Standard) development, GIC (Green Industry Certification) development and GIA (Green Industry Awards) rating and assessment systems. While, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MOEF) focuses on among others 10 year framework program sustainable consumption and production (10YFP-SCP), PROPER rating, Ekolabel and AMDAL.

MoEF adopted 10YFP-SCP in 2013 which has among its priorities the consolidation and/or mobilization of the national SCP assets (knowledge and institutional bases) and the promotion of quick wins i.e., green public procurement, green industry, green tourism, green building and waste management, of which two are relevant to RECP project namely green tourism and green industry.

Green Industry Standards, is a program for developing certain parameters reference based on world class best practices for specific industry sector.  In 2015, MOI succeed publishing GIS for Pulp, Textile, Cement, Steel, and Ceramic Industry.  And targeting in 2016 will be finalized and published for Skim Milk, Crump Rubber, Sugar, Fertilizer, Glass and Leather Industry

Green Industry Certification, is a program for assessing and certification industry based on GIS implementation requirements.  Currently MOI is still developing needed infrastructure for GIC implementations such as preparing Green Industry Auditors, Green Industry Certification Body, Green Industry Certification Committee and High Capability Reliable Labs for technical supports.  Targeting by end of 2016 above those elements are settled for ready to operate.

Both MOI and MOEF had similar rating program for company in achieving environmental goal with different criteria and indicators. PROPER has been developed since 1995 is a program for assessing the company’s achievement toward environmental management (environmental requirement and reporting, water pollution, air pollution, hazardous waste management, marine pollution and land degradation). While Green Industry Awards, is a program for assessing and granting participated industry based on Green Industry parameters. It commenced every year and has been the 7th round for 2016.

AMDAL or environmental impact assessment (EIA) is procedure for assessing environmental impact of activities, project, public plan or program to be included before decisions are made. As part of licence to operate and requirement for getting environmental permit (izin lingkungan), ensuring the environmental management and monitoring plan (RPL-RKL) properly implemented is key.

The project seeks to improve capacity of policy implementation including environmental monitoring through integration of RECP concept, practices as well as assessment tools.

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