• Head of Cirebon Trade and Industry Agency opened the workshop
  • Visiting PT. Sari Bumi Sentosa (noodle)
  • Visiting Mulya Mandiri (mango based snack)
  • Visiting PT Surabraja (chili sauce)

The objective of the mission was to conduct workshop and facilitate establishment of RECP Club for food processing sector in Cirebon area. The workshop also followed by kick-off visit to respective RECP club candidate units to assess the potential of resources saving, productivity and reducing waste. The mission comprised activities (1) RECP Club Workshop held 12 September 2017 in Cirebon; and (2) Follow up visit in 13 – 15 September 2017.

The workshop was attended by about 34 participants comprising food processing unit, ICPC and local industry agency. Most of the processing unit came from Cirebon area and three unit came from Kuningan regency (neighbouring Cirebon regency) as an observer. The workshop was opened by head of Cirebon industrial agency, Mr. Deni Agustin, who thank for collaboration with UNIDO and highilighted in his speech the importance of supporting local industry competitiveness. He concured that the local industry to think about resource efficiency along with production as well as marketing.

The workshop continued with presentation by CTA RECP Project, Mr Permod K Gupta, expalained about RECP concept and practice especially in food processing sector including how RECP club can be implemented within the sector. The session was engaging and interactive so participants were all involved. At the end of the workshop, facilitator facilitated RECP club establishment and schedule for follow up visit. There were 18 participants voluntarily sign in for RECP club and 9 units were visited.

During the follow up visit, RECP Project team managed to visit 9 units which can be grouped mainly as fruit processing and snack. The team also visited chili sauce and noodle industry which mostly fitted with partly-demo unit rather than club unit. In follow up visit, the team discussed with the owner about production process, material use, amount of waste, energy use etc. Based on discussion some suggestions and input were shared to the owner for their improvement. 

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