The national RECP Programme is being implemented under the guidance of a Programme Management Committee (PMC) with participation of the two leading government counterparts and donor representative.

The programme was implemented in collaboration with four national implementing partners, respectively CRECPI, ICPC, CTB, and CADGIE in past which has been consolidated with ICPC after establishing as RECP promotion institution.

ICPC is an independent autonomous foundation with founding members representing ministries, academic institutes, employer organizations, and corporate groups. Within the framework of the national RECP Programme, UNIDO supported the development and operationalization of ICPC as foundation. ICPC has its own legal status to do business with required bank account, tax number and board of trustees and executive board with Executive Director as Chief Executing Officer (CEO). With a view to smooth, effective and transparent implementation of project activities (and administration of the funding) ICPC has been selected as "Contractor" to implement the project activities as approved by 8th PMC. ICPC is herewith requested to submit its proposal for providing of their service delivery during the period 1st July 2018 - 30th June 2019.

Project Personnel

Mr. Sunita Dasman
RECP Industry Expert (Textile Sector)
Mr. Albertus Gian
RECP Industry Expert (Industrial Zones and Tourism Sector)
Ms. Indah Budiani
RECP Policy Expert
Vrilly Rondonuwu
M&E, Pendidikan Lingkungan, Pemberdayaan Masyarakat, Informasi Konsumen
Ms. Syafari Yusmaini
RECP Project Assistant

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