In order to have better understanding on the challenges faced by small and medium industries, in particular in regards to use of materials, chemicals, water and energy, and the generation of waste, effluents and emissions, on 17 November 2015, UNIDO in collaboration with ICPC held the first series of regional business consultation on RECP in Indonesia at Jakarta.

The event was attended by representatives from National Development and Planning Agency (Bappenas), Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry Cooperatives and Small Medium Enterprises Development, SECO - Embassy of Switzerland in Indonesia, non-government organizations, RECP implementing partners, Kadin, as well as industry sector associations, representing in particular small and medium sized industries in: plastic product, packaging, metal products, iron and steel product, automotive components, chemical, and pulp and paper.

During the event, MoEF Head of Environment and Forestry Standardization Noer Adi Wardojo shared his presentation on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), and Indicator of SCP Indonesia for Business. By sharing his presentation to participants, Mr. Adi expected that enterprises, SMEs, and industries could see what could be done to reach 12th SDGs as well as to adopt and implement SCP.

UNIDO Chief Technical Advisor Rene Van Berkel, also shared his presentation on global RECP program and Indonesia RECP program. Mr. Van Berkel opened his presentation by giving the participants updates on Indonesia RECP program, then he explained deeper about the concept of RECP -- RECP implementation, RECP best practices, and enterprises benefits from RECP.

Presentation from Mr. Van Berkel then followed by the groups’ discussion which was divided into two sessions. Session one, participants discussed about past experiences and lessons learned on RECP implementation within their industries. The objective of first session was to map and appreciate past RECP or related activities, their strengths and weaknesses and lessons learned. Session two, participants discussed about opportunities and needs for industries to improve elements of RECP. The objective of this session was to identify specific (business) opportunities and support needs for industries in Indonesia to improve on each of the six elements of RECP (materials, energy and water efficiency and minimization of waste, waste water and emissions).

At the end of the event Executive Director of ICPC Timotheus Lesmana and UNIDO Chief Technical Advisor Rene Van Berkel gave some conclusion and closing remarks. The event went very well, all participants were actively involved in the fruitful discussion and expected to have the same kind of discussion in the near future.

Mr. Van Berkel emphasized and informed participants regarding the project’s role in Indonesia. RECP program is here to support industries and business with implementation of RECP in Indonesia. RECP team is more than happy to assist any national meeting, technical yearly meeting, and technical session of industrial associations, to discuss more specific on how RECP could work in every industrial sector and most importantly to improve business in Indonesia.

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