Green Chemistry Awareness Program
Green Chemistry: Creating a Vibrant Economy and a Healthy Society through Innovative Design

Indonesia Cleaner Production Centre (ICPC)/ Pusat Produksi Bersih Nasional in Indonesia, together with UNIDO and Life Cycle Indonesia are currently promoting the Green Chemistry developed under the Yale-UNIDO Global Green Chemistry Initiative (GGCI). This project aims to increase the general awareness and capacities on deployable Green Chemistry approaches for the design of products and processes that advance global environmental benefits throughout their life cycles. GGCI has provided a guide to a method of innovation that can help foster a vibrant economy, strong public health, and a clean environment.

To understand about the Guidelines for Green Chemistry and Best practices available, please download the document below:

To understand more about the project,
visit The Global Green Chemistry Initiative official website (

We regularly seeks the views of citizens and stakeholders about this project. Hence, a public consultation is open to discuss more and receive if there is any feedback.
The public consultation is conducted by our partner, Life Cycle Indonesia. Join the public consultation through this link.

Join us for a Green Chemistry Live Webinar engaging Universities/Research Institutions, Industries, and Governments in Indonesia on 5th and 7th August, 2020. Register now!

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