• Mr.Harris Fadillah of UNIDO and Mr.Wiharja of BPPT, as a member of AGC assessor pictured with background of participant’s presentation and their factory miniature.
  • Team of AGC assessor pictured together in Astra’s office mail lobby.

UNIDO through The Indonesia Resource Efficient Cleaner Production Programme supported Astra’s Green Company Awards (AGC/AFC 2018) by taking part in the Astra's Committe Members assessing and examining AGC participants on 23 January 2018 in Sunter, North Jakarta. Cleaner Production and Pollution Prevention was one category in the AGC. One category which also examined in the AGC was Cleaner Production and Pollution Prevention program.

Astra’s Environmental Management Representative Mrs. Diah Suran reminded that business nowadays should be concerns on sustainability issues for their own competitive advantages. In his contribution UNIDO Green Industry Advisor, Mr. Harris Fadillah elaborated on the basic elements of RECP in industrial operations. He also highlighted common areas for Green Industry implementation that covering Compliance, Performance and Efforts which done by participants.  All the participants shared Cleaner Production and Pollution Prevention Programs challenges and its implementation in their business operations, unique opportunities, and benefits they have got as resulted of management commitment entirely.

"This yearly awards event shown Astra Group commitment on field implementations of Cleaner Production and Pollution Prevention Programs in sustainable manners.

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