Workshop for Textile Sector at Center for Textile in Bandung (CTB)

As starting event for the textile sector, a workshop was held at Center for Textile in Bandung on October 8. The workshop is aimed to inform the textile industries, governments, candidates for national experts, and staffs of Center for Textile Bandung about the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) programme. Around 45 participants attended the workshop, including National Programme Officer UNIDO NahruddinAlie, Chief Technical Advisor of RECP Dr. Rene Van Berkel, National Programme Manager of CRECPI Moch. Iqbal, Lead National Expert Sunita Dasman, 16 representatives from textile enterprises, two officials from Environmental Agency of West Java, 12 candidates of national expert,and management staffs from CTB. Head of CTB, Sony Sulaksono gave opening remarks at the event. He emphasized CTB’s role to assist the implementation of RECP programme in textile sector and encouraged all participants to ask questions regarding the programme. Output from the workshop looks compromising with all the textile enterprises expressed their interest to join with RECP programme

Contributor : Ade Rahma Dyah Hartanti & Hanum Vionita

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