To support the implementation of RECP in industry, the German Federal Ministry for Environmental and Nature Protection (BMU) through GIZ in collaboration with the National Clean Production Center held Training for Trainers activities. This collaboration was carried out within the framework of the global project program "Initiative Resource Efficiency and Climate Action".

This activity was carried out for three days on 8-10 October 2019 located in Gran Melia Jakarta, and attended by 15 members of the national resource efficiency and clean production expert association with a dialogue that developed and exchanged information about what had been done. Conducted by them as practitioners in the field of resource efficient, obstacles encountered.

Through this training for trainers, participants will also get new things, such as calculating the efficiency values that have been carried out by companies based on existing sample data, as well as how to deal with resistance in implementing Resource Efficient starting from the top level, middle level to low level.

In the RECP Industry Sector training for trainers this time the participants were not only certified but also provided with material tools about RECP consisting of modules. At the end of the training session an evaluation was conducted by GIZ by asking participants to fill in the questionnaire provided and the participants felt that the material and training was very optimal at this activity.

See you at the next activity around Resource efficient and cleaner production.

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