• Mr. Aris NUGRAHANTO, UNIDO National Programme Coordinator on Energy Efficiency speaking about opportunities and benefits of energy management systems and utility system optimization. Bandung, 26-27 September 2016.
  • Mr. Bas KOTHUIS, UNIDO international environmental technology expert, speaking on environmental technologies for textile dyeing and printing. Bandung, 26-27 September 2016.

The Centre for Textiles in Bandung (CTB) organized with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) a two day international environmental technology workshop for textile and garment sector on 26-27 September 2016 in Bandung. 70 industries and government representatives learned about available and emerging environmental technologies to address key environmental concerns of chemicals, energy and water use and effluents in subsequent stages of yarn, fabric and garment production and finishing. Industry representatives shared current practices and challenges to move forward to a clean and competitive textile and garment industry in Indonesia. The workshop was organized within the framework of the Indonesian RECP Programme, implemented by UNIDO in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and Ministry of Industry, with funding support from the Government of Switzerland (SECO).

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