Head of Centre for Environment and Forestry Standardization, Noer Adi Wardojo highlighted that strengthening environmental policy through PROPER is one pathway for RECP promotion and may include criteria review and method and would be expected to create added value for industry.

Feb 11, 17

Goverments, academia, association, environment proffessionals, and other stakeholders met on the 7-8 November 2016 in Bandung.

Nov 09, 16

In order to improve the profitability of industries and expand their markets through implementation of RECP in North Sumatra, UNIDO in collaboration with ICPC held the fourth series of regional business

May 12, 16

In order to better understand the concerns and needs of industries for RECP implementation and to reflect RECP practices on the business experiences, regional environment and resource

Apr 13, 16


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