In order to set up RECP network that effectively supports industries to implement RECP practices and techniques in key sectors and regions in Indonesia, including South Sulawesi, UNIDO in collaboration with ICPC held the second series of regional business consultation on 11 April 2016 in Makassar.

The South Sulawesi regional business consultation brought together around 54 participants from the lead representatives of business membership organizations, enterprises, regional industries, environment and planning agencies, environment and industrial experts, technical, academia, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and other stakeholders. Included in the attended participants were also SECO Project Manager in Switzerland Philipp Ischer, RECP Project Manager in Vienna Christian Susan, a representative of SECO in Indonesia Tio Suyenti Dewi, and Executive Director of ICPC Timotheus Lesmana.

The event was divided into three sessions. In the first session Chief Technical Advisor RECP in Indonesia Mr. Rene Van Berkel explained about RECP concept, implementation, best practices, and benefits for enterprises/industries in Indonesia. In the second session, participants were invited to cast their votes on RECP market place -- key actions under each of six RECP issues, using color dot stickers. participants had to choose which issues were already addressed by enterprises in South Sulawesi and which issues were most important for improving profitability and sales of enterprises in South Sulawesi. For actors of industries this activity can be some sort of self-assessment of their RECP practices. In the third or last session, participants were asked to share their past experiences, lessons learned, and present opportunities related to RECP practices in South Sulawesi.

The event went very well, all participants were actively involved in the fruitful discussion and expected to have the same kind of discussion and other relevant activities in the near future.

UNIDO committed to use this consultation results jointly with outcomes from parallel business consultations in other regions, as a guide to the development and implementation of RECP policies and strategies of relevant ministries, regional authorities as well as other stakeholders, under an RECP network.

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