• Executive Director of PPBN signed the deed of establishment accompanied by the notary and two witnesses

Pusat Produksi Bersih Nasional/Indonesia Cleaner Production Centre (PPBN) continued expanded its wings within the industrial and environmental scope focusing on strategic plans, economic instruments, environmental policy issues and the development of clean production networks. PPBN strengthened its position by legalizing its institution under the Association's Deed of Establishment of Yayasan Pengembangan Produksi Bersih Nasional/National Cleaner Production Development Foundation.

The signing ceremony was held on 12 October 2017 during the second series of Training of Trainer (ToT) on RECP in Jakarta. Becoming a foundation is a first step for PPBN to contribute in development of cleaner production practice and policy in Indonesia as well as to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and RECP Programme in Indonesia.

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