Signing of cooperation agreement between Center for Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Indonesia (CRECPI) ITB and Makassar Industries was held at Bestwestern Hotel in Makassar on tuesday, August 11th, 2015.

The signing was attended by director of CRECPI ITB, six Head of industries and three head representative of industries,  Chief Technical Advisor from UNIDO, and also as well as from the Head of Industrial agency in South Sulawesi Province and also from Environmental agency in South Sulawesi Province.

RECP assessment will be done by 10 experts from various University in Makassar to 10  Industries in Makassar and will be conducted mentoring begins in the third week of August.

The support will include the setting-up of resource use and environmental data collection routines as an integral part of RECP service delivery, in order to assess environment, resource use, economic and potential other social benefits accomplished by enterprises using a common framework of enterprise level indicators for resource productivity and pollution intensity.

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