RECP Training for National Expert at CTB

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) Training for National Expert’s candidates was held on Oct 19-21, 2015 at Centre for Textile in Bandung (CTB).  The training was conducted by UNIDO in partnership with Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Environment. The training was run by Chief Technical Advisor of UNIDO – Mr. Rene Van Berkel, Lead National Expert – Mr. Sunita Dasman and National Program Manager- Mr. Moch. Iqbal. There were 22 participants: 10 participants from CTB, 3 participants from agency and 9 participants from others institutions.  Mr. Untung Prayudi opened the event on behalf of CTB and he emphasized the participants to absorb RECP concept and implement in textile industries.

The program divided into 6 modules and 1 additional module for textile sector. On the 1st day, the program started with RECP Concept and Practice in the morning session and RECP assessment in the afternoon and followed by exercise practices the systemic generation of Cleaner Production opportunities for a Yarn Dyeing House. Through the exercise, the participants are able to figure out: Process Flow Chart, Root Cause Diagnostic and Generate Option.

On the 2ndday, there were module 3 until module 6 respectively Motivation, Commitment & Team, RECP Indicator, Initial Assessment and Detailed Assessment. In the afternoon session, the participants were asked to do tasks on initial assessment on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production for Knitting Mill. Task 1: Team Motivation, task 2: Process Input and Outputs and task 3: Baseline Resource Efficiency and Pollution Intensity.

On the 3rd day, there was additional module which was applicable in textile sector with outline: Policy and Market Drivers, Applications and Business Case and Getting Started. In the afternoon, Mr. MochIqbal continued the program with quick test, fun game and exit test. The program ended with happy smile at 3 pm and awaiting for next programs.

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