• Industry coordinators and trainee experts watched the safety briefing video prior to the first plant walk through the factory.
  • Trainee experts had discussion during plant walk through to a aluminum foundry industry. Scrap waste become one of the main concerns for this typical industry.

During the last week of April CRECPI associate conducted RECP assessment in Batam together with 10 National Experts. Eight companies were visited including two companies for supporting oil and gas in Kabil Integrated Industrial Estate, three companies in Panbil Industrial Estate, one company each in Executive Industrial Park, Tunas Industrial Estate, and BatuAmpar. The main concern in almost all companies is the energy consumption for production process. In one of the supporting oil and gas company, they use two induction furnaces which uses the most energy. Alternative technology that is more efficient is being sought and become focus assessment area. Other company which is a rubber molding still uses electric oven which its energy cost is higher compared to gas oven.In a home appliance company in Panbil, material waste is found at Gluing area where Loctite as an adhesive material keeps dripping from the applicator although it is not being used. In addition to that, maintenance of the molding machines seems a bit neglected which causing the rate of defect product is quite high (0.8-1.2%). Aside from technicality, a lot of housekeeping issues is still found in the companies e.g. labeling of hazardous waste, arrangement of the logistics, and management of the waste.

The challenge in conducting RECP assessment in Batam is that the companies have low awareness regarding the environmental impact of their production processes. Nevertheless, some of the enterprises which already certified ISO and Green Building indicated their willingness to implement RECP practices and options. However, it is still in the early stage and more efforts is needed.

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