• Chief Technical Advisor Rene Van Berkel, Ph.D. delivered the training materials to (trainee) National Experts in Makassar in the continued training with more thematic issues covered.
  • National Programme Manager Moch. Iqbal lead the ice breaking session for training participants for more dynamic activities.
  • A (trainee) expert answered questions in the exercise session where participants were divided into several small groups to work on study cases.

Short term thematic (Advanced) training in South Sulawesi was held in Bestwestern Hotel in Makassar, August 11th  – 13th, 2015 with continue to visit industry August 10th and14th , 2015. The training was attended from National experts, representative from four industries in South Sulawesi, Environmental agency in South Sulawesi province and Industrial agency in South Sulawesi province.

Advanced training modules developed and then regularly offered to foster further professional development, on topics that emerge from implementation of the programme.

The training is focused on RECP assessment and would result in the national experts having the knowledge and skills’ for conducting RECP assessments in enterprises, respectively :

Module 1: RECP Concepts and Practices

Module 2: RECP Assessment

Module 3: Motivation, Commitment & Team

Module 4: RECP Baseline and Indicators

Module 5: Initial Assessment

Module 6: Detailed Assessment

Module 7: Feasibility analysis

Module 8: RECP options for energy efficiency

Module 9: RECP options for materials and waste

Module 10: RECP options for Water and Waste Water

Module 11: RECP options for chemicals management

Module 12: Management systems

Demonstration Project: planning and modalities for implementation

Resource Persons

René Van Berkel, Chief Technical Advisor, UNIDO

Prof.Tjandra Setiadi, Director CRECPI/ITB

Moch Iqbal, National Programme Manager, CRECPI/UNIDO

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