On May 17th, review meeting of interim assessment with current 14 trainees National Experts and CTB coordinators is held in CTB, Bandung. This is to share interim findings of the RECP assessments and identify common opportunities and challenges in fostering RECP implementation in participating enterprises. Findings from demonstration companies are presented and some focus areas of improvements are discussed together with Mr. Rene Van Berkel, Ph.D. from UNIDO. Mr. Untung Prayudi opened the event on behalf of CTB and he emphasized the participants to absorb RECP concept and implement in textile industries.

After lunch, the 2nd RECP training is started with participants from previous 1st RECP training both from CTB and others. The 2nd RECP training is aimed to refresh and update introduction to RECP methods and techniques and introduce common RECP applications by thematic focus areas (material, water, energy, chemical). Mr. Rene Van Berkel, Ph.D. deliver six modules in total 3 days. Each session, participants are given exercises: 1. material and water assessment fabric printing, 2. energy and chemicals assessment jeans washing, and 3. feasibility study new boiler.

 At the end of the training session, participants give their evaluation for the training and 14 training participants expressed that the training fully meets their expectations.      Mrs.Tini closed the event on behalf CTB and given certificate of participation. She hoped that all trainees fully understand and implement RECP both in daily activities and industries.

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